Tuesday Trivia
Answers must be submitted using the Answer Form linked at the left. The Association will reveal the Tuesday Trivia answer at 4:30 p.m. the same day and randomly select one of the correct entries to receive an OSU t-shirt or a $10 gift credit to the location of their choice: OSU Student Store (campus store and ShopOKState.com), Amazon.com, iTunes, Target.com or Walmart.com.

Membership Matters
On the first Tuesday of every month, only active members of the Association will be eligible to win Tuesday Trivia and the prize will be doubled to a $20 gift credit. Lapsed and nonmembers can join the Association to become eligible by visiting orangeconnection.org/join or by calling 405.744.5368.

Contest Rules
  • Anyone is eligible to participate in Tuesday Trivia (graduates, former students, current students, future students and friends of OSU).
  • Only Association members are eligible to win the first Tuesday Trivia of every month. Members must be active at the time they submit their entry.
  • Once an individual has won Tuesday Trivia, they are not eligible to win again for the next year.
  • Only responses submitted using the Answer Form at orangeconnection.org/tuesdaytrivia will be considered. In other words, responses submitted via comments or messages on the Association's Facebook, MySpace or Twitter will not be counted.
  • Only responses submitted with valid e-mail addresses will be considered for the contest.