Alumni Governance

The two-tier governance structure of the Oklahoma State University Alumni Association was adopted by the Board of Directors on October 1, 2005, to be effective April 28, 2006.

Board of Directors
The Board of Directors will have the principal fiduciary and oversight responsibility for the Association.  The Board, as a body and not the individual members, shall have such power and authority necessary to perform its responsibilities including, but not limited to, (i) establishing policies and goals to accomplish the mission and purpose of the Association as set forth in the Constitution and as recommended by the Leadership Council; (ii) monitoring the strategic planning process; (iii) monitoring the financial affairs of the Association; (iv) enhancing the Association's public standing; (v) ensuring legal and ethical integrity; (vi) maintaining accountability to the Leadership Council; (vii) ensuring an external financial audit of the Association is performed annually; (viii) reporting to the Leadership Council at its annual meetings; and (ix) employing the President and CEO of the Association.

Below is a list of the current OSU Alumni Association Board of Directors, including their graduation year and membership status (LM=Lifetime Member, AM=Annual Member).

Jennifer Grigsby, '91, LM

Robert Walker, '90, LM
Vice Chair

  Ron Ward, '72, LM
Immediate Past Chairman


Gregg Bradshaw, '81, LM

Burns Hargis, '67, LM
  Jami Longacre, '93, LM
  H.J. Reed, '78, LM
Bill Dragoo, '75, LM

Kirk Jewell, '73, LM
  Tony LoPresto, '01, '12, LM
  David Rose, '89, LM
Russell Florence, '86, LM
  Sharon Keating, '72, LM
  Pam Martin, '75, LM
  Larry Shell, '70, LM
Kent Gardner, '01, LM

Phil Kennedy, '85, LM
  Travis Moss, '98, LM
  Nichole Trantham, '94, LM

Leadership Council
The Leadership Council will ensure that the programs of the Association are consistent with the Constitution of the Association and in the best interest of the Association.  Members of the Leadership Council shall be representatives of the Association in all matters, including support and service on all program committees, membership marketing, fundraising, liaison with chapters and other constituencies and advise and support on strategic planning.  In addition, the Leadership Council will elect the members and officers of the Board of Directors and the members of the Leadership Council.

Below is a list of the current OSU Alumni Association Leadership Council, including their graduation year and membership status (LM=Lifetime Member, AM=Annual Member).

James Albert, 79, LM
  Eddie Fields, '90, LM
  Rick Loyd, '83, AM
  Jason Ramsey, '98, LM
Treca Baetz, '89, LM
  Bruce Force, '88, AM
  Wesley Magill, '01, AM
  Tom Ritchie, '87, LM
John Bailey, '85, AM
  Terra Gibson, '97, AM
  Mel Martin, LM
  Ronda Reece, '04, AM
Mollie Barney, '01, AM
  Jerry Gill, '67, LM
  Sherri Meaux, '82, LM
  Jeff Roberts, '83, AM
Andrea Bryant, '02, LM
  Dana Glencross, '82, AM
  Janai Miller, '84, LM
  Samuel Robertson, '68, AM
Dennis Burbank, '92, LM
  Chris Goldsworthy, '01, LM
  Ryan Miller, '00, AM
  Tonya Scott, '06
Dustie Butner, '02, AM
  Joe Haney, '77, LM
  Craig Myers, '83, LM
  Becky Smith, '77, LM
Gina Calhoun, '72, LM
  Bill Harrison, '55, LM
  Ryan Neely, '02, LM
  Kenneth Smith, '65, AM 
Sandra Cooper, '92, '01, LM
  Kent Houck, '65, LM
  Patty Neuwirth, '70, LM
  Shane Smithton, '88, AM
Marsha Darragh '73, AM
  David Houston, '75, AM
  Tina Parkhill, '93, LM
  Susan States, '82, LM
Jovette Dew, '89, AM
  Michael Huggins, AM
  Scott Petty, '88, LM
  Jahni Tapley, '02
Lori Dickinson, '94, LM
  Tom Jackson, '67, LM
  Chase Pollard, '05
  Jason Taylor, '92, LM
David Dietz, AM
  Steve Jacoby, '80, LM
  Charles Pollock, '91, AM
  Lindsey Treadwell, '05, LM
Becky Endicott, '02, AM
  Jeff Johnson, '05, AM
  Jennifer Poole, '90, LM
  Brian Vowell, '98, LM
Ashley Ewbank, '03, AM
  Kenneth Kirlin, '83, LM
  Kay Porter, '88, AM
  Marcel Walther, '01
Chet Fenimore, '85, LM
  Jay Kruska, '73, LM
  Josh Pulver, '05, LM
  Wes Watkins, '60, LM
Cara Ferrell, '97, '00, '05, LM
  Rick Lane, '77, AM
  Brooke Ramsey, '14, AM
  Jerry Winkle, '65, AM
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