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The OSU Alumni Association is continually striving to maintain connections between alumni and Oklahoma State University. The new world of social networking provides many opportunities for alumni to remain informed about OSU and to remain connected to former classmates and the entire OSU family.

In an ongoing effort to remain the gateway that fosters lifelong connections between alumni and OSU, we have introduced the following Orange Connection Social Media. This collection of social networks are perfect for keeping alums of all ages connected with each other and the alma mater that they share.

The Association encourages all alumni to create profiles on these networks and to show their support for OSU by becoming fans, friends and members of the OSU Alumni Association pages. If you have questions about a specific network or would like a step-by-step guide on how to join, click the link to the respective network below. We are your connection to all things ORANGE!

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Join the OSU Alumni Association and the OSU community on these social networking sites! They're a great way to locate past classmates and create new friendships - all while staying connected to ORANGE!

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Receive immediate updates from the Association using our Orange Connection Twitter account. Check out all the latest pictures from the Association on Orange Connection Flickr. View free Association and Homecoming videos plus other great extras on Orange Connection YouTube.

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The new is full of ORANGE content to keep you informed on the latest Alumni Association, Athletic and University news. Stay up to date on all the latest stories with Cowboy News and subscribe to automatic RSS updates.

And you can take it all with you with Orange Connection Mobile - available on any web-enabled cell phone at

The OSU Alumni Association does not endorse or support the views or advertisements expressed by friends, users or others on any of its social networks. Any language expressed is solely the responsibility of the user and is neither condoned nor protected by the OSU Alumni Association.

The OSU Alumni Association reserves the right to use content (text, photos and videos) posted on our social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube) on our website, on other social networks or in electronic or print communication materials.