Grandparent University

Grandparent University 2014
Session One: June 18-20 | Session Two: June 25-27

Major Assignments: View a list of unique identifiers placed in each major here.

Open Majors:
Agribusiness, Chemistry FUNdamentals, Entomology II, Fire Protection, Firefighter 101, Flowers in Horticulture, Food Science, Illegal Dumping & Environmental Law Enforcement, Oklahoma Geology, On the Trail of Trash, Strategic Communications and Water Resource Management.

Call Melisa Parkerson at 405.744.8711 for more information and to enroll in an open major at GPU 2014! Majors will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Since 2003, the OSU Alumni Association has welcomed OSU legacies, ages 7 to 13 and their grandparents to campus for a unique intergenerational learning experience at Grandparent University. This three-day summer camp is a fun-filled experience that actively engages kids in academics at OSU while creating memories for grandparents and t
heir grandchildren.

The legacies will enroll in one of the provided majors. After completing the program they will “graduate” with a certificate in their chosen field. Along with the activities in the classroom, there is time to socialize over swimming at the Colvin Center or cheering at the OSU Tailgate.

Eligibility: Grandparent University is just one of the many benefits of being a member of the OSU Alumni Association. To participate, a child must be between the ages of 7 and 13 and a legacy. A legacy is a child that is registered in the legacy program under a parent or grandparent who is an active member of the OSU Alumni Association.

To make sure your Legacy will receive all the benefits of the Legacy program, including Grandparent University, you may want to check your Legacy’s registration and membership status by calling the OSU Alumni Association at 405.744.5368.

Past Grandparent Participants: Have your grandchildren gotten too old to attend GPU? Do they have different plans this summer and can’t attend? We would love to visit with you. With GPU expanding we need grandparents that are familiar with campus and Grandparent University. If you are grandparent and have participated in Grandparent University for more than two years and would like to volunteer as major host, please contact Melisa Parkerson at 405.744.8711.