Legacy Program

CASEThe OSU Alumni Association Legacy Program has been distinguished with the CASE Circle of Excellence Award recognizing outstanding efforts in institutional achievement.

A Legacy Defined
The Alumni Association's definition of a legacy is any child, between the ages of birth and 16, "lucky enough" to have one or even two parents or grandparents who are current members of Oklahoma State University Alumni Association. Current members include annual members and life members who have completed all payments on their membership.

The parent or grandparent also needs to complete the registration form in order for the legacy to receive full benefits.

Legacy Gifts
During different stages of childhood, legacies will receive FREE gifts! Gifts will be mailed either to the address of the Alumni Association member or the legacies address if provided. In order for legacies to receive each gift, the Alumni Association member must stay current on their Association dues. All legacy gifts are age appropriate and therefore cannot be retroactive. Gifts are pictured at the left.
Grandparent University
Grandparent University is a three-day summer camp that takes place on the Oklahoma State campus. It is an intergenerational educational experience in which a grandparent may "enroll" with a grandchild for this special event. Pairs will be housed and fed in the University housing suites, taught in OSU classrooms and facilities, and after completing the curriculum, will "graduate" with a "degree" in one of eight "majors." Grandparent University is traditionally held in June. For more detailed information on this year's Grandparent University, click here.

Legacy Day at the Cowboy Corral
Every football season, the OSU Alumni Association hosts the Cowboy Corral at the ConocoPhillips OSU Alumni Center. One Cowboy Corral is dedicated every year to OSU Legacies and it's packed with events and activities for both the Legacies and their parents or grandparents. Previous events have included face painting, family tree making, autograph sessions with OSU athletes and photo opportunities with Pistol Pete and Bullet! Look for more details about this year's Legacy Day at the Cowboy Corral along with pictures from the event here.
Chapters Events
Numerous OSU Alumni Association Chapters hold their own Legacy Days across the United States. These events include picnics, trips to a zoo or museum or an outing to see the Cowboys or Cowgirls play. To find a Chapter near you, click here.

Pop Up Pete
OSU Legacies are invited to get involved with our Pop Up Pete Program. Decorate Pete in full fashion and send him out to see the world. All you need to do is record a photo scrap book of his travels. You can send him to family or friends and have them photo him while he is visiting and especially if he is on fun adventures and then he is returned to you. Visit orangeconnection.org/PopUpPete to download your own Pistol Pete cut out and see where Pete has traveled!

*Tip: Print your Pete cutout on cardstock paper or laminate Pete after he is colored and he will last longer and be able to make more travels.

Leadership and Legacy Conference
A special two days for OSU legacies who are sophomores and juniors in high school and their parents to learn about OSU's rich traditions and history. The event is planned and presented by the Student Alumni Board and affords a chance for students to have their questions personally answered by SAB members.

Participants will enjoy delicious Hideaway Pizza followed by an evening group activity. The Student Alumni Board holds their annual Leadership Conference in conjunction with Legacy Day. Visit the Student Alumni Board homepage for more information about the Legacy/Leadership Conference or contact Melisa Parkerson at 405.744.8711.

Camp Cowboy Scholarship
OSU Legacies who are graduates of Oklahoma high schools and enrolled at OSU have the opportunity to receive a fall scholarship in the amount of $170 to attend Camp Cowboy, the summer freshman transition program. Only Oklahoma high school students who attend Camp Cowboy and are current registered legacies in the OSU Alumni Association are eligible to apply for this scholarship. Scholarships are awarded from money raised from the Oklahoma Tag program and are limited to Oklahoma students.

To register for Camp Cowboy, visit union.okstate.edu/campcowboy.

To apply for the Camp Cowboy Scholarship, please complete this online application. There are only 20 scholarships available, so please be sure and apply once the student has been assigned a OSU Campus Wide ID (CWID) and has been registered to a specific camp date. For more information about Camp Cowboy, contact Melisa Parkerson at 405.744.8711.

Got Orange?
Alumni Association members receive 10% off purchases at the University Store! Visit ShopOKState.com and pick up something orange for your Legacy today!

Member Extras
Active members of the OSU Alumni Association receive special extras to share to their Legacies. These extras include:
  • Crossword Puzzle
  • Cryptoquote
  • Wordsearch
  • Coloring Sheets
Active members should register and login to make these extras downloadable.

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