What Is The Increase?

  Individual Memberships
Current: $750 ($62.50)
Senior: $650 ($54.16)

New: $1,000 ($83.33)
Senior: $900 ($75)

  Joint Memberships
Current: $1,000 ($83.33)
Senior: $900 ($75)

New: $1,500 ($125)
Senior: $1,400 ($116.66)

12-month, interest-free payment amounts in parentheses.

Joint memberships include you and your spouse.

Senior memberships available to those 65 and older.

How Can I Upgrade?

Purchase a new life membership or upgrade an annual membership online in one payment or 12 monthly, interest-free payments!

Call us toll-free at 800.433.4678 during regular business hours!

  In Person
Visit the ConocoPhillips OSU Alumni Center during regular business hours or on home football game days!

Life Membership Fire Sale

10 Months, 3 Days, 7 Hours, 42 Minutes
Until Life Membership Dues Increase!
The Oklahoma State University Alumni Association is 10 months through our one-year fire sale on life memberships before dues increase on July 1, 2012.

Individual life memberships are increasing from $750 to $1,000 and joint life memberships are increasing from $1,000 to $1,500. Seniors 65 and older will continue to receive a $100 discount on life memberships.

The OSU Alumni Association currently has more than 10,700 life members and life membership dues among the lowest in the Big 12 Conference.

“Over the course of a lifetime, our alumni and supporters can save money and receive more benefits by becoming life members of the Alumni Association,” says Phillip Gahagans, director of marketing and membership. “Membership in the Alumni Association is the most recognizable way of supporting OSU, and we’re excited to welcome new life members during this fire sale.”

Last year, members of the Alumni Association had access to more than $600 dollars in local and nationwide discounts with their memberships. Dues also support a number of alumni and student programs including “America’s Greatest Homecoming Celebration”, the Legacy program and the Student Alumni Board.

“Life members of the Alumni Association are our most engaged and supportive graduates and friends,” says Larry Shell, president of the OSU Alumni Association. “They represent OSU in their communities promoting the values of a degree from OSU, and this dues increase will allow us to take our programs to the next level to support future Cowboys and Cowgirls.”

OSU alumni and friends can purchase life memberships at the current prices online in one payment or 12 monthly interest-free payments, by phone at 800.433.4678 or in person at the ConocoPhillips OSU Alumni Center.

For more information, contact:
Cheryl McKinzie

Why Should I Upgrade?

"Our life memberships keep us connected to our alma mater through numerous programs and supports current and future students.
It pays to be life members!"

Scott Dvorak, '79; Carol Dvorak, '77, '78; & Justin Dvorak, '11

Did You Know?

  Life memberships cost less than annual memberships over the long term.
  Life members give up their annual renewal notices and instead receive a life member-only calendar each year for their support.
  Life membership dues are 100% tax deductible as a charitable donation.
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